Number 3: Eddie Twist

The Cornish Goth Stand-up comedian

Stand Up Goth Comedian Eddie Twist

Eddie TwistWhich brings us to our third favourite funny person on this Earth, the Cornish Goth stand-up comedian EDDIE TWIST.

Eddie appears regularly at comedy clubs around the country performing his razor sharp and energetic humour.

Destined to be an enormous star of comedy and definitely a name to watch out for, Eddie burst onto the comedy circuit in early 2012, enchanting audiences with his hilarious, energetic and individualistic views on growing up in the Cornish countryside, moving to London and being sent for psychological testing because of his love of vampires!

With a TV crew documenting his every move it won't be long before he's a big, big name, so go and see him now before he's famous! To find out more about Eddie Twist and which comedy club he's performing at near you, visit his official website www.eddietwist.co.uk